Government of Canada direct securities and loans: Holdings of general public classified by remaining term to maturity (formerly G7)

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Monthly data typically published by the third business day of the month.

Monthly Series

Month-end, Millions of dollars (par value)CANSIM2019‑122020‑012020‑022020‑032020‑04
Unmatured direct securities (excluding retail debt and perpetuals)
Treasury billsV37355101,300101,025101,925125,967224,542
Canada Bills issued in U.S. dollars1 V37323_G72,4752,6003,0362,1604,807
Bonds and notes
3 years and underV37356233,792230,375224,536241,026236,010
3-5 yearsV3735776,85880,82885,06078,71975,025
5-10 yearsV3735883,63783,63790,94575,62382,552
10 years and overV37359120,068123,026123,026123,208127,105
Inflation adjustmentV4214166215,06414,97714,97415,15915,443
Total (inflation adjusted)V42141661633,194636,468643,503661,862765,484
Average term to maturity (months)V373618079797667
Non-marketable securities
Retail debt1 V37295_G71,0811,0511,0251,002991
Matured and outstanding market issuesV3729415,78717,12917,1297,5897,589
Total securities and loans outstandingV37336634,998639,671646,682655,294758,621
Total securities loans outstanding (inflation adjusted)V42141670650,061654,648661,657670,453774,064
  1. 1. The alphanumeric code following CANSIM vector numbers is for internal use only. To retrieve data from the CANSIM repository, use the vector number only.[]