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Bank of Canada Review

A semi-annual publication, which ceased production in 2017, featuring articles related to the Canadian economy and to central banking.

In 2018, the Bank launched The Economy, Plain and Simple—our new way of communicating about economic issues that matter.

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November 10, 1995

Bank of Canada Review - Autumn 1995

BoC Review - Autumn 1995/Revue BdC - Automne 1995

Cover page

Mauritius, 10 rupees, 1971

Slightly smaller than a Canadian silver dollar and struck in copper-nickel, the coin shown on the cover is part of of the National Currency Collection of the Bank of Canada.

Photography by James Zagon.

November 9, 1994

Bank of Canada Review - Autumn 1994

BoC Review - Autumn 1994/Revue BdC - Automne 1994

Cover page

Roman Republic: Denarius, 108–107 BC

To the left of the figure is the name of the moneyer M. Herenni (Marcus Herennius), and to the right is the control mark, a horizontal P and dot. About the size of a 10-cent piece, this denarius is part of the National Currency Collection, Bank of Canada.

Photography by James Zagon.

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