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An Empirical Investigation into Government Spending and Private Sector Behaviour

Staff Working Paper 1994-8 Robert Amano, Tony S. Wirjanto
We examine whether there is a significant relationship between government and private consumption for Canada. We derive estimating equations between the two types of consumption under both cointegration and no-cointegration assumptions.

The Dynamic Behaviour of Canadian Imports and the Linear-Quadratic Model: Evidence Based on the Euler Equation

Staff Working Paper 1994-6 Robert Amano, Tony S. Wirjanto
We examine the ability of the simple linear-quadratic model under rational expectations to explain dynamic behaviour of aggregate Canadian imports. In contrast to authors of previous studies who examine dynamic behaviour using the LQ model, we estimate the structural parameters using the Euler equation in a limited information framework that does not require an explicit solution for the model's control variables in terms of the exogenous forcing variables.

A Further Analysis of Exchange Rate Targeting in Canada

Staff Working Paper 1994-2 Robert Amano, Tony S. Wirjanto
In a recent paper Mercenier and Sekkat (1988) conclude that the Bank of Canada has followed a policy of exchange rate targeting using the money supply. We re-examine their results using a different estimation approach and with different assumptions about the forcing process of the exogenous variables.
Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Working Papers Topic(s): Exchange rates