Selma Chaker


A Distributional Approach to Realized Volatility

Staff Working Paper 2013-49 Selma Chaker, Nour Meddahi
This paper proposes new measures of the integrated variance, measures which use high-frequency bid-ask spreads and quoted depths. The traditional approach assumes that the mid-quote is a good measure of frictionless price.

Volatility Forecasting when the Noise Variance Is Time-Varying

Staff Working Paper 2013-48 Selma Chaker, Nour Meddahi
This paper explores the volatility forecasting implications of a model in which the friction in high-frequency prices is related to the true underlying volatility. The contribution of this paper is to propose a framework under which the realized variance may improve volatility forecasting if the noise variance is related to the true return volatility.

Volatility and Liquidity Costs

Staff Working Paper 2013-29 Selma Chaker
Observed high-frequency prices are contaminated with liquidity costs or market microstructure noise. Using such data, we derive a new asset return variance estimator inspired by the market microstructure literature to explicitly model the noise and remove it from observed returns before estimating their variance.

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