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June 12, 2014

Making Banks Safer: Implementing Basel III

Éric Chouinard and Graydon Paulin review the progress to date in implementing Basel III, the new framework of global regulatory standards for the banking sector developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The report highlights the expected net benefits of implementing Basel III, as well as the challenges in ensuring international consistency in measuring the risk-weighted capital of banks. It includes a discussion on how implementing Basel III has affected the banking system in Canada and other important jurisdictions, and demonstrates the need for ongoing assessment of the effects on the financial system and the macroeconomy.

Lessons from the Financial Crisis: Bank Performance and Regulatory Reform

Staff Discussion Paper 2013-4 Neville Arjani, Graydon Paulin
The financial systems of some countries fared materially better than others during the global financial crisis of 2007-09.
June 21, 2006

Credibility with Flexibility: The Evolution of Inflation-Targeting Regimes, 1990–2006

Beginning with a review of the adoption of inflation targeting in a broad group of countries, Paulin focuses on changes in the design of inflation-targeting frameworks in light of fifteen years of accumulated experience. Included in the discussion are the use of numerical targets and ranges, the policy horizon, supporting institutional policy structures, and communication, including the publication of forecasts. A recurring theme is how much flexibility an inflation-targeting regime allows. The article concludes that the changes made to the frameworks have been relatively modest since their adoption, but in concert with the improved credibility that has resulted from central banks meeting their inflation-control targets, they have allowed an increasingly nuanced response to economic shocks.

The New Basel Capital Accord and the Cyclical Behaviour of Bank Capital

Staff Working Paper 2004-30 Mark Illing, Graydon Paulin
The authors conduct a counterfactual simulation of the proposed rules under the new Basel Capital Accord (Basel II), including the revised treatment of expected and unexpected credit losses proposed by the Basel Committee in October 2003.
Content Type(s): Staff Research, Staff Working Papers Topic(s): Financial Institutions JEL Code(s): G, G2, G21, G28, K, K2, K23

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