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November 25, 2008

Canadian Lenders Assurance Facility

As outlined in the Terms of the Canadian Lenders Assurance Facility, the Bank of Canada will act as Administrative Agent for the Government of Canada for this facility and be responsible for daily operational activities. In support of this role, the Bank will make available a register of all approved and guaranteed issues on its web site.
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July 18, 2007

Update on Selection Process for Governor of the Bank of Canada Released by the Special Committee of the Bank's Board of Directors

In accordance with the Bank of Canada Act, the Governor of the Bank of Canada is appointed by the independent directors with the approval of the Governor in Council (federal Cabinet). Following an announcement on 25 April 2007 that the current Governor, Mr. David Dodge, would not be seeking reappointment at the end of his seven year mandate on 31 January 2008, the Bank's Board of Directors initiated a process to find a replacement.
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February 27, 2001

Fall Consultations - 2000: Summary of Comments

As it has done in the Fall of previous years, the Department of Finance jointly with the Bank of Canada held consultations with market participants on issues relating to the design and operation of government debt programs in 2001-2002.
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November 29, 2000

Government of Canada Pilot Cash Management Bond Buyback Program Launch: Operational Framework

On behalf of the Minister of Finance, the Bank of Canada announced today that the government will be proceeding on a pilot basis with a bond buyback program for cash management purposes. The program is designed to reduce the peak levels of government cash balances needed to redeem large upcoming maturities of Government of Canada marketable bonds. Design of the operational framework has been based on consultations with market participants.
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