Paul Storer Memorial Lecture - Speech (Webcasts)

Cross-Border Trade Integration and Monetary Policy - Stephen S. Poloz, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, delivers the Western Washington University (WWU) Paul Storer Memorial Lecture, hosted by WWU’s Border Policy Research Institute and Center for International Business (19:10 (ET) approx.)

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September 26, 2016

Integrating economies through trade affects monetary policy, Governor Poloz says

In the first annual Paul Storer Memorial Lecture on Canada–US relations, given at Western Washington University, Governor Poloz said that the evolution of international trade practices, such as building global value chains and establishing foreign affiliates, suggests that economies are becoming more integrated.
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The Paul Storer Memorial Lecture—Cross-Border Trade Integration and Monetary Policy

Staff Discussion Paper 2016-20 Stephen S. Poloz
In this paper we explore the nexus between cross-border trade integration and monetary policy. We first review the evidence that trade liberalization has increased the degree of integration in North America and conclude that, while robust structural inferences remain elusive, there is sufficient supporting evidence for central banks to treat the issue seriously.