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Ultra Long Bonds

Access information about upcoming auctions, results, and find key contacts.

Data downloads

Data available as: CSV, JSON and XML

Our Valet API is designed to help you integrate your applications and processes with our data. For details, please see our documentation.

Upcoming auctions

The following auctions will be conducted by the Bank of Canada on behalf of the Government of Canada, subject to the Standard Terms for Auctions of Government of Canada Ultra Long Bonds.


Auction date Bidding deadline Issue date Bank of Canada minimum purchase ($M) Total amount maturing ($M) Of which held by Bank of Canada ($M)


If the amount outstanding including reconstituted changes by $250 million or more, this information will be updated no later than 10:00 ET on the day of the auction.

Auction date Bidding deadline Issue date Term (years) Maturity date Coupon rate ISIN Amount ($M) Outstanding prior ($M) Outstanding including reconstituted ($M) Accrued interest start date Accrued interest end date Accrued interest rate per $1000


Shortly after each operation, results will be announced.

Auction date Bidding deadline Issue date Term (years) Maturity date Coupon rate ISIN Amount ($M) Allotment price Allotment yield (%) Median yield (%) Low 5% yield (%) Coverage Outstanding after ($M) Allotment ratio (%) Bank of Canada purchase ($M) Total Submitted by GSD ($M) Total Non-Comp Submitted by GSD ($M)
2022-03-23 12:00 2022-03-25 50 2064-12-01 2.750 CA135087C939 1,000.000 103.773 2.603 2.588 2.533 1.586 8,750.000 70.00000 - 1,585.600 33.000

Key contacts

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

Funds Management Division
Department of Finance Canada