The Bank of Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), established an award of excellence for bank note counterfeiting deterrence in 2004. This award recognizes the efforts of individuals in the field of counterfeit enforcement, crime prevention, and education.

The 2019 award will be presented at the CACP annual conference in Calgary, Alberta, in August. The deadline for nominations is April 30, 2019.

Award objectives

The award recognizes excellence in the delivery of various programs and activities aimed at counterfeiting deterrence, thereby contributing to public confidence in Canada’s currency.

Award criteria

  • The action or event for which a person is nominated must have taken place in Canada within two years of the date of nomination.
  • The nomination must be submitted by a police officer or another employee of an accredited police service in Canada. However, the action or event may have been performed by someone outside a police service. For example, the award could be given to a college or university employee who significantly contributed to the fight against counterfeiting in Canada.
  • The nomination must relate to Canadian bank notes.
  • The nominee(s) must demonstrate excellence or innovation in one of the following areas:
    • developing or delivering a bank note counterfeiting training or education program at a police academy, college, university or any enforcement partner organization to promote counterfeit deterrence;
    • conducting a forensic analysis or evaluation of counterfeit bank notes;
    • conducting intelligence analysis of trends, emerging issues, and/or potential risks related to counterfeiting currency;
    • investigating a Canadian bank note counterfeiting operation, or actively contributing to an investigation;
    • building partnerships, internally or externally, through creative and innovative approaches to collaboration in the fight against counterfeiting in Canada.

How do I nominate an individual(s)?

In one or two pages, clearly identify the action or event for which the nominee(s) is/are being recognized, when and where it took place, and why the individual(s) is/are deserving of this award.

Who selects the winner(s)?

A five-person panel, consisting of two serving or retired Canadian police officers and three Bank of Canada officials, will review all nominations and select the winner(s).

Notification of results to the nominees

All nominees and their supervisors will be notified of the results in due course.

Award presentation

The winner(s) will be honoured at an awards ceremony by a senior Bank of Canada official. The winner(s) and their partner will be provided travel and expenses to the 2019 CACP annual gala dinner in Calgary.

Deadline for nominations

Nominations must be received by April 30, 2019 via email to the attention of:

Danielle Côté
External Stakeholder Management
Currency Department
Bank of Canada
Telephone: 613-782-8614

Privacy notice

Personal information collected by the Bank of Canada is protected under the Privacy Act. The information will be used to administer the Law Enforcement Award of Excellence for Counterfeit Deterrence Program. For further information about the Bank of Canada’s privacy practices, please consult the Bank’s General Privacy Policy.