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International Conference on Payments and Securities Settlement: Data and Information

The Deutsche Bundesbank will host the International Conference on Payments and Securities Settlement: Data and Information in Eltville, Germany on July 4 and 5, 2024.

Organized in partnership with the Bank of Canada, this conference will bring together academic and central bank researchers, policymakers and practitioners to discuss the latest economic research focused on the developments, challenges and opportunities for payments and securities settlement and the data and information they generate.

Please direct all questions to the conference organizers by email.

About the conference

Economic analysis of payment and securities settlement systems has risen in importance as a topic for researchers, regulators and the rapidly expanding range of payment market participants. Moreover, innovations in technologies such as DLT-driven forms of settlement, as well as the introduction of new infrastructures and payment architecture has led to potential far-reaching impacts, which require greater understanding. Additionally, the significance of big data generated by and used in payment systems and its linkage to the real economy to gain competitive benefits has intensified. Issues related to the generation, governance and use of payments and securities settlement information have assumed first-order importance.

The conference will be chaired by Mr. Joachim Nagel, President of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bundesbank, Mr. Burkhard Balz, Member of the Executive Board and Mr. Julian Reischle, Head of the payments and settlement systems department.

Travel expenses

Participation at the conference is free of charge. Accommodation during the conference will be covered for participants and logistical support will be provided. Academic authors of accepted papers will receive travel expenditures.

Call for papers

Papers covering the following subjects and related areas are welcome:

  • Innovation in payment and settlement systems (e.g., Blockchain/DLT and related technologies, CBDC, digital money, stablecoins and tokenized assets) and implications for the architecture and governance of information
  • The role of payments information in promoting competition and financial inclusion and challenges for digital privacy (e.g., open banking, role of privacy for individual payment behaviour)
  • Safety and efficiency of RTGS systems and instant payment, risk analysis and participant behaviour in financial market infrastructures and interdependencies between financial market infrastructures
  • Cross border payments (e.g., challenges in correspondent banking, impact of new technologies, importance of data and information, cost of cross-border payments)
  • Insights from payments and settlement data sets, in particular novel data sets (e.g., instant/fast payment systems, cryptocurrencies, fintech and big data) and the application of advanced analytics and AI
  • Value added by payments data for monitoring and analysis (e.g., in forecasting macro-economic variables, and for developing early-warning indicators of cyber-risk or financial stress)

Submission process

Manuscripts or extended abstracts should be sent in PDF format by email to Mr. Martin Diehl.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 15, 2024.

Notices of acceptance will be sent by April 30, 2024.

The deadline for submitting full papers is June 14, 2024.

Scientific committee

  • Morten Bech (Bank for International Settlements)
  • Wilko Bolt (De Nederlandsche Bank)
  • James Chapman (Bank of Canada)
  • Martin Diehl (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Ronald Heijmans (De Nederlandsche Bank)
  • Matthias Jüttner (Swiss National Bank)
  • Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova (Banco de México)
  • Alexander Müller (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Cyril Monnet (University of Berne and Study Center Gerzensee)
  • Maarten van Oordt (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
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