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Jointly organized with the Banca d’Italia and the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada will host the 13th Workshop on Exchange Rates in Ottawa on December 19, 2023.

About the workshop

This workshop aims at providing a forum for discussing innovative research on analytical and policy issues relating to foreign exchange (FX) markets, financial intermediation and macrofinancial stability.

Keynote address

Jesse Schreger (Columbia Business School) will give a keynote lecture.

Registration and travel expenses

There is no registration fee for participation in the workshop. However, all participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Presenters and discussants are automatically registered for the conference. All other participants must their request with the subject line “Registration” by December 7, 2023.

There is limited space for participation, so your registration is not guaranteed.

Call for papers

Economists working in central banks, academia or the private sector are welcome to participate and submit a paper.

We welcome submissions of either theoretical or empirical nature. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • the drivers of exchange rates and related asset prices from a financial perspective (including the role of intermediaries)
  • exchange rates and the transmission of monetary policy
  • exchange rate pass-through and the role of dominant currency pricing
  • FX interventions
  • exchange rates and macrofinancial stability frameworks
  • FX risk premia and their drivers
  • global linkages between capital flows, foreign exchange rates and risk appetite
  • the international use of currencies and its implications for exchange rates
  • digital currencies and their implications for the global monetary and financial system

Submission process

Interested authors should submit their paper to the workshop no later than October 18, 2023.

Papers can be sent in a draft or extended abstract version, although final or nearly final versions are preferred given the small number of papers we will be able to accept.

Authors of accepted papers will be notified by mid-November.

Organizing committee

  • Alessio Anzuini (Banca d’Italia)
  • Fabio Fornari (European Central Bank)
  • Ingomar Krohn (Bank of Canada)
  • Martino Ricci (European Central Bank)
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