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University of Alberta crowned National Champion of The Governor’s Challenge

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — The Bank of Canada is pleased to announce the University of Alberta has won the eighth annual Governor’s Challenge, a national student competition in which teams simulate the role of advisor to the Bank’s Governing Council. The winners were announced following the final round on Saturday, February 4.

Five teams competed in the final round, each one giving a presentation on the economic outlook for Canada and making a monetary policy recommendation to a panel of senior central bank officials.

The other finalists, in no particular order, were the teams from Carleton University, Université de Sherbrooke, St. Francis Xavier University and the University of British Columbia.

The competition began on November 15, 2022, with a first round of presentations; more than 100 students from 19 Canadian universities participated. On December 9, five teams were selected to compete in the final round.

The Governor’s Challenge invites undergraduate students in economics and finance to develop a deeper understanding of the Canadian economy and the Bank’s role in it. Since the first competition, more than 40 participants have joined the Bank.

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