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Governor Poloz unveils new Bank of Canada Museum ahead of public opening on July 1, 2017

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Governor Stephen S. Poloz today welcomed special guests from the government, business and the tourism sectors for a preview of the Bank of Canada Museum, which is opening soon. Located at the corner of Bank and Wellington, in the Bank’s head office complex in downtown Ottawa, the re-designed Museum will help visitors learn about the economy and the role of the central bank in fun, interactive ways.

“I am so proud of this new Museum. It immerses Canadians in the economy and the work of the Bank of Canada in ways that people of all ages can understand and enjoy,” Governor Poloz said.

After a four-year closure, and a complete re-imagining, the Museum will open to the public on July 1, with free admission year-round.

To help visitors of all ages understand the important role they play in the economy, they are placed at the centre of the Museum experience. They begin their visit by creating a digital character, or avatar, to represent them in interactive exhibits that demonstrate how their spending and saving habits ultimately contribute to the Canadian economy. Other highlights include a video game that simulates flying a rocket ship through a galaxy of inflationary and deflationary forces and designing a personalized bank note.  

Visitors will also discover Canada’s monetary heritage, as interpreted through a careful selection of 1,400 artifacts from the National Currency Collection. Examples of international currency and trade items from throughout human history will be on display, as will every bank note series issued by the Bank of Canada since 1935, including the new $10 commemorative note issued to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Notes to editors:

  • The Bank of Canada is the nation’s central bank. Since 1935, its principal role has been to promote the economic and financial welfare of Canada.
  • The new museum explains the Bank’s four main areas of responsibility: setting monetary policy, promoting a sound financial system, issuing Canada’s bank notes and acting as fiscal agent for the Government of Canada.
  • It also manages the more than 128,000 artifacts in the National Currency Collection, the world’s most complete collection of Canadian currency and related artifacts.
  • For more information about the Museum and its services, visit the website.
  • Contact Media Relations for B-roll and stock photos, available upon request.

About The Bank of Canada’s head office

The opening of the Bank of Canada Museum marks the final phase of a large-scale renewal project undertaken by the Bank of Canada to bring its head office facility up to modern safety, security and structural standards.

The 2016 renewal preserved the cultural and historical significance of the building while addressing 21st century business needs.

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