Assets Eligible as Collateral under the Bank of Canada’s Standing Liquidity Facility (SLF) - Exceptional Temporary Access to Non-Mortgage Loan Portfolio

The Bank of Canada will continue, in exceptional circumstances, to allow participants in the Large Value Transfer System (LVTS) to submit, on a same-day basis, requests to lift the 20 per cent limit of total collateral value pledged that can be the non-mortgage loan portfolio (NMLP).  Same-day requests for exceptional access to the NMLP are limited to liquidity needs associated with the settlement of the same-day U.S./Canadian-dollar cycle for CLS Bank.  This exception had previously been made available for a trial period. Any other requests to increase the NMLP limit of 20 per cent on an exceptional and temporary basis to accommodate the liquidity needs of LVTS participants when there are extremely large payment flows must be submitted to the Bank in writing at least 48 hours in advance.

For further information, please contact:

Assistant Director
Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada
613 782-8046

Bank of Canada
613 782-8782

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