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Summary of Comments - 2013-14 Debt Management Strategy Consultations

Today, the Summary of Comments - 2013-14 Debt Management Strategy Consultations is being published on the Bank of Canada’s website in conjunction with the release of the government’s Debt Management Strategy for 2013-14.

In the autumn of 2012, officials from the Department of Finance and the Bank of Canada sought the views of government securities distributors, institutional investors and other interested parties on issues related to the design and operation of the domestic Government of Canada debt program for 2013-14. These debt management strategy consultations focused on obtaining the views of market participants on effectively managing the transition to a smaller treasury bill program, the state of demand for longer-term securities, and the impacts of foreign investor interest and regulatory changes on Government of Canada securities markets.

Comments received during these consultations were taken into consideration in the development of the Debt Management Strategy for 2013-14.

The Bank of Canada and the Department of Finance thank all parties for the comments they provided during the consultation process.

For further information, please contact:

Assistant Director
Funds Management and Banking Department
Bank of Canada
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Financial Markets Division
Department of Finance
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