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Bank of Canada Announces New Publication Time for 2013 Policy Interest Rate Announcements and Monetary Policy Reports

The Bank of Canada today announced that effective 23 January 2013, it will move to a new publication time of 10:00 ET for all scheduled policy rate announcements, including those to be published concurrently with the Bank’s quarterly Monetary Policy Reports (MPRs). This new time takes into consideration the feedback gathered via consultation with market participants and other stakeholders.

Prior to this change, all policy rate announcements were made at 9:00 ET, while MPRs were published at 10:30 ET.

As previously announced, the Bank of Canada will begin publishing its quarterly MPR simultaneously with its January, April, July, and October rate announcements, starting on 23 January 2013. The standard day for publication of all scheduled rate announcements and MPRs will be Wednesday.

A press conference with the Governor and Senior Deputy Governor will continue to take place on the dates when an MPR is published.

As always, the Bank retains the option of making an unscheduled rate announcement at any time in the event of extraordinary circumstances.

For further information, contact:

Jeremy Harrison
Media Relations
Bank of Canada
613 782-8782

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