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Bank of Canada Warns of Email Scams

The Bank of Canada has become aware of email scams that send unsolicited emails falsely claiming to originate from the Bank of Canada.

These scams misrepresent the Bank of Canada and make use of the Bank's name and identity without authorization. The Bank of Canada has no connection to these scams. The Bank of Canada is Canada's central bank and therefore does not accept deposits from or on behalf of individuals, nor does it collect personal or financial information from individuals. The Bank has reported these fraudulent emails to the police. If you receive an unsolicited email, delete it immediately. The Bank of Canada and its employees and officers do not request personal or financial information through email and do not participate in any email or Internet-based communications that request information or payment for services.

If you have concerns about the contents of any email that purports to be from the Bank of Canada:

  • Delete the email immediately and contact your local authorities.
  • Access the Bank of Canada website by typing the URL yourself (do not follow links). Look for references to the program identified in the suspect email.
  • Call our Public Information Office at 1 800 303-1282 (toll free in North America), or see the "Contact Us" page on this website.
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