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Bank of Canada Hosts CEMLA Meetings

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The Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies (Centro de Estudios Monetarios Latinoamericanos or CEMLA) concluded its Governors' Meetings today, hosted by the Bank of Canada.

The CEMLA event consisted of three gatherings; a meeting of Central Bank Governors of the American Continent, a meeting of Central Bank Governors of Latin America and Spain, and a meeting of the CEMLA Board of Governors and Assembly.

Delegates from 27 countries attended the event, which took place 7-9 May at the Bank of Canada headquarters in Ottawa. The delegates discussed topics related to current economic and financial market conditions, reform of international financial institutions, and specific monetary policy issues.

CEMLA is the regional association of Latin American and Caribbean central banks. Its main objective is cooperation amongst its members in order to promote a better knowledge of monetary and financial topics in the region. Further information about CEMLA can be found at

CEMLA Governors meetings take place annually and are hosted by member countries on a rotating basis. The Bank of Canada has represented Canada as a collaborating member of CEMLA since 1966 and previously hosted this meeting in 1989.

The next CEMLA Governors' meetings will take place in the Dominican Republic in 2009.

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