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Advertisement for position of Governor of the Bank of Canada

Governor, Bank of Canada

The principal mission of the Bank of Canada is the formulation and implementation of Canada's national monetary policy to promote the economic and financial welfare of the country. Responsible for maintaining low rates of inflation, promoting the efficiency of capital markets and the integrity of currency, while contributing to the development of stronger, more robust domestic and international financial systems, the Bank of Canada plays a significant strategic role that has an impact on the everyday lives of all Canadians.

During the next seven years, the new Governor of the Bank of Canada will shape the culture and values of the organization, and will build on the Bank's commitment to integrity, intellectual discipline and openness of communication. He or she will ensure that the Bank attract, and retain, the calibre of individuals it needs to sustain its reputation for excellence.

The professional credentials and reputation of the Governor as an economist, his/her leadership and communication skills, in both official languages, are essential requirements for success in the role. A Canadian citizen, you have the requisite professional and senior management credentials – and the integrity and vision required of Canada's Central banker. This is an opportunity to assume a role of national and international importance.

To explore this opportunity further, please contact Paul Stanley, Senior Partner, Ray & Berndtson or Tanya Todorovic, Principal, Ray & Berndtson by phone at 416 366-1990 or through e-mail at or

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