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Dynamic Models Useful for Policy Making

NOTE: The papers listed here are reproduced as submitted by their respective authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Bank of Canada. Papers submitted by persons not in the employ of the Bank of Canada may be subject to the copyright policies of the submitters' organizations and/or countries, and therefore should not be reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of the author(s). Papers are presented in the language of the authors only.

"Redistributive Shocks and Productivity Shocks"

José-Victor Rios-Rull

"Sticky Contracts or Sticky Information? Evidence from An Estimated Area of DSGE Model"

Matthias Paustian

"Interpreting Euro Area Inflation at High and Low Frequencies"

Katrin Assenmacher-Wesche and Stefan Gerlach

"Money and Capital"

Randall Wright

"Liquidity and Welfare Costs of Inflation"

Jonathan Chiu and Miguel Molico

"Time-Varying Risk, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates in General Equilibrium"

Fernando Alvarez, Andy Atkeson, and Patrick Kehoe

"Inflation and the Price of Real Assets"

Monika Piazzeri and Martin Schneider

"The Role of Collateralized Household Debt in Macroeconomic Stabilization"

Jeffrey Campbell and Zvi Hercowitz

"Co-Movement in Sticky Prices in Models with Durable Goods"

Charles Carlstom and Tim Fuerst

"Five Facts about Prices: A Reevaluation of Menu Cost Models"

> Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson

"Menu Costs, Multi-Product Firms, and Aggregate Fluctuations"

Virgiliu Midrigan

"The Returns to Currency Speculation"

Martin Eichenbaum, Craig Burnside, Issac Kleshchelski, and Sergio Rebelo


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