Schedules and Results

Quarterly Bond Schedule

Preliminary ISINs

Calls for Tenders and Results

Auction Timetable

Government of Canada Historical Auction Results (Updated as of 31 May 2017)

Rules and Terms

Details on Bond Buyback Operations

Calculation of the Clean Price of a Bond in a Cash Management Bond Repurchase Operation

Calculation of the Conversion Ratio in a Duration-Neutral Switch Operation

Proposed repurchase program for the Bank of Canada's holdings of Government of Canada securities

Standard Terms for Auctions of Government of Canada Securities

Standard Terms for Auctions of Government of Canada Ultra Long Bonds

IIROC Rule 2800
A code of conduct developed by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada to reinforce the integrity of the secondary market for Government of Canada securities

Rule 2800C

Standard Terms for Auctions:

Legal Terms and Conditions for Government of Canada Domestic Marketable Debt Securities:

Forms and Certificates

Certificates of Compliance:

Form for reporting customer net positions directly to the Bank of Canada

Customer's Application for Bidder Identification Number

Application for Ultra Long Bonds Bidder Identification Number


Bank of Canada Holdings

Government of Canada Treasury Bills and Bonds Outstanding

Real Return Bonds - Index Ratio

Summary of Government of Canada Direct Securities and Loans

Definitions and Formulas

Description of Government of Canada Market Debt Instruments (Department of Finance)

Formulas and Market Conventions for Bonds and Treasury Bills (Department of Finance)

Inclusion of Reconstituted Bonds into the Computation of Net Excess Long Positions