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Sebastian Hernandez

Sebastian Hernandez is a Senior User Experience Specialist in the FinTech Research Department at the Bank of Canada.
Department(s): Information Technology Services Research Field(s): Digital Currency, Fintech
February 14, 2023

About the Bank’s interest earnings

The Bank of Canada’s balance sheet reflects the unique role it plays as Canada’s central bank. It is different from the balance sheets of other financial institutions—the assets and liabilities on the Bank’s balance sheet are intended to support its core functions rather than to generate profit.
Content Type(s): Background materials

The Role of Intermediaries in Selection Markets: Evidence from Mortgage Lending

This paper looks at the role mortgage brokers play in helping borrowers generate quotes and qualify for credit. We find that, on average, borrowers that engage with a mortgage broker pay lower interest rates. However, in about 15% of cases, borrowers are steered towards longer amortizing mortgages than they would have chosen absent a broker. Since mortgages with longer amortization have higher total interest costs over the entire life of the mortgage, this steering is expensive.
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