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February 12, 2024

Reconciliation Action Plan

The Bank’s Reconciliation Action Plan will guide the Bank as it continues its Reconciliation journey. In line with our mandate, the draft action plan outlines two interconnected pathways to help us build an equitable and inclusive organizational culture and deepen our understanding of the Indigenous economy.

Central Bank Digital Currency and Banking Choices

Staff Working Paper 2024-4 Jiaqi Li, Andrew Usher, Yu Zhu
To what extent does a central bank digital currency (CBDC) compete with bank deposits? To answer this question, we develop and estimate a structural model where each household chooses which financial institution to deposit their digital money with.

The Role of International Financial Integration in Monetary Policy Transmission

Staff Working Paper 2024-3 Jing Cynthia Wu, Yinxi Xie, Ji Zhang
We propose an open-economy New Keynesian model with financial integration that allows financial intermediaries to hold foreign long-term bonds. We study the implications of financial integration on monetary policy transmission. Among various aspects of financial integration, the bond duration plays a major role. These results hold for conventional and unconventional monetary policies.
February 6, 2024

Media Availability: Montreal Council on Foreign Relations (CORIM)

The effectiveness and the limitations of monetary policy — Governor Tiff Macklem takes questions from reporters following his remarks (14:10 (ET) approx.).

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