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February 24, 2023

The lifespan of a bank note

At the Bank of Canada, we assessed the life cycle of bank notes to confirm that polymer notes have a smaller environmental footprint than paper notes. Polymer notes have a longer life and then are recycled.
Content Type(s): Background materials Topic(s): Bank notes
February 14, 2023

About the Bank’s interest earnings

The Bank of Canada’s balance sheet reflects the unique role it plays as Canada’s central bank. It is different from the balance sheets of other financial institutions—the assets and liabilities on the Bank’s balance sheet are intended to support its core functions rather than to generate profit.
Content Type(s): Background materials
September 28, 2022

Bank of Canada response to detailed review report

The Bank of Canada thanks the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for undertaking its thorough and thoughtful pilot review of the Bank under the new Central Bank Transparency Code (CBTC). We welcome the publication of this final review report by the IMF Mission Team and the associated recommendations.
Content Type(s): Background materials
May 24, 2022

An Overview of Lynx, Canada’s High-Value Payment System

This document provides an overview of Lynx—Canada’s high-value payment system—and summarizes the system’s design. It explains the development and purpose of Lynx as well as the legal and regulatory framework governing its operation. It also describes the various settlement mechanisms and processes Lynx uses to allow system participants to meet their diverse payment needs while ensuring that risks that arise in the system are managed appropriately.
April 4, 2022

Backgrounder on the Business Outlook Survey question on firms’ average expected wage increase

Firms participating in the Business Outlook Survey (BOS) are asked several questions about labour markets. One such question is whether they expect wage growth to increase or decrease over the next 12 months. The responses to this question, combined with related confidential comments, give a picture of the state of wage pressures in the economy. This, along with wage data and several labour market indicators, inform the Bank about labour market conditions.
Content Type(s): Background materials
September 10, 2021

About the Bank of Canada’s balance sheet

At the Bank of Canada, our balance sheet reflects the unique role we play as Canada’s central bank. Get an overview of how it’s used to acquire assets and support our core functions, and learn about the types of assets and liabilities we hold.
Content Type(s): Background materials
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