Inflation Targeting: Problems and Opportunities - 2006 conference

Proceedings of a Conference Co-sponsored by the New York Association for Business Economics and the Canadian Consulate General in New York, February 2006

Conference Overview and Summary of Papers
Zahir Lalani and David Murchison

Aperçu du colloque et synthèse des communications présentées
Zahir Lalani et David Murchison

Coming Soon: An Inflation Target at the Fed
Laurence H. Meyer

Commentary: Inflation Targeting for the United States—Comments on Meyer
Alan S. Blinder

The Instrument-Rate Projection under Inflation Targeting: The Norwegian Example
Lars E.O. Svensson

Future Trends in Inflation Targeting: A Canadian Perspective
John Murray

Commentary: Future Trends in Inflation Targeting—Comments on Murray
David Laidler

Bank topic index: Inflation Targets, Monetary Policy Framework