The Evolving Financial System and Public Policy - 2003 Conference

Proceedings of a conference held by the Bank of Canada, December 2003


Pierre St-Amant and Carolyn Wilkins

Opening Remarks
David Longworth


Session 1: Contagion

Endogenous Value and Financial Fragility
Karine Gobert, Patrick Gonzãlez, Alexandra Lai, and Michel Poitevin

Discussion: Douglas Gale

Measuring Bank Contagion Using Market Data
Reint Gropp and Jukka Vesala

Discussion: Maral Kichian

Banking Crises, Contagion, and Foreign-Asset Exposures of Canadian Banks
Eric Santor

Discussion: Xiaodong Zhu

General Discussion

Session 2: Implications of Bank Diversification

Does Diversification Improve Bank Efficiency?
Chris D'Souza and Alexandra Lai

Discussion: Varouj Aivazian

Revenue Shifts and Performance of U.S. Bank Holding Companies
Kevin J. Stiroh

Discussion: Christian Clamès

General Discussion

Session 3: Bank Capital Regulation

Does Bank Capital Matter of the Transmission of Monetary Policy?
Skander J. Van den Heuvel

Discussion: Césaire Meh

The Foundations of Risk Regulation for Banks: A Review of the Literature
Georges Dionne

Discussion: Paul Beaudry

General Discussion

Memorial Lecture

Memorial Lecture for John Kuszczak: Notes on Optimal Capital Regulation
Douglas Gale

Discussion: Vincenzo Quadrini

General Discussion

Session 4: Financial Regulation

Corporate Linkages and Bank Lending in Canada: Some First Results
John F. Chant

Discussion: Gerald Goldstein

Does Regulatory Governance Matter for Financial System Stability? An Empirical Analysis
Udaibir S. Das, Marc Quintyn, and Kina Chenard

Discussion: Claudio Borio

General Discussion

Panel Discussion

Discussion 1 : Charles (Chuck) Freedman

Discussion 2 : Angela Redish

Discussion 3 : Claudio Borio

General Discussion

The Participants

Bank topic index: Economic Models, Financial Institutions, Financial Stability, Financial System Regulation and Policies, International Topics, Transmission of Monetary Policy