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U.S. interest rates: 10-year lookup

On this page, you can look up series data. For metadata and background information, see the series notes.

Specific Date or Range
Latest for weekly series.
Latest for monthly series.
Weekly Monthly
U.S. - Prime Rate Charged By Banks
Federal Funds Rate
Commercial Paper (Adjusted) 1 month
3 month
U.S. Treasuries Constant Maturity 5 year
10 year
Forward Premium or Discount (-), US Dollars in Canada 1 month
3 month


  1. Series frequency:
    • Daily series show values for each business day.
    • Weekly series values are as at Wednesday.
    • Monthly series show values for the last Wednesday of each month.
  2. Where applicable, each series shows its CANSIM 'V' identifier.
  3. For rates prior to the past ten years, please refer to CANSIM at Statistics Canada.