Positions of members of Payments Canada with the Bank of Canada (formerly B3)

On this page you can graph the monthly data, download weekly or monthly data and view the latest weekly or monthly data. See the notes for this table for metadata and background information.

Weekly data typically published on Fridays by 14:30 ET. Monthly data typically published by 14:30 ET on the Friday following month end.

Weekly Series

Weekly Wednesday, Millions of dollars1 2CANSIM2020‑05‑272020‑06‑032020‑06‑102020‑06‑172020‑06‑24
Total overdraft loans
Total amountV4183839150001
Days transactedV4183839210001
Total positive balances
Total amountV418383931,030,1971,180,9161,203,1311,286,4551,306,445
Days transactedV4183839455555
Special deposit accounts
Total amountV4183839500000
Days transactedV4183839600000

Monthly Series

Month-end, Millions of dollars1 2CANSIM2020‑012020‑022020‑032020‑042020‑05
Total overdraft loans
Total amountV4183837779209,4171,8835
Days transactedV4183837830761
Total positive balances
Total amountV418383796,2915,245209,6743,410,5024,112,329
Days transactedV418383802220222120
Special deposit accounts
Total amountV4183838100000
Days transactedV4183838200000
  1. 1. In the event that an Emergency Lending Assistance (ELA) advance is made, the advance will not be included until public disclosures have otherwise occurred. Any outstanding ELA advances are included in the Bank’s monthly balance sheet and its annual and quarterly financial statements. The Banking and Financial Statistics will not be restated after ELA has been otherwise disclosed.[]
  2. 2. Payments Canada was formerly known as Canadian Payments Association.[]