Net new issues of securities by corporations and federal government enterprises: Industrial classification (formerly K9)

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Typically published on the last Friday of the month.

Monthly Series

Month-end, Millions of dollars (par value)CANSIM2020‑012020‑022020‑032020‑042020‑05
Total bondsV11511584313,2631,93010,78636,017
Non-financial institutionsV115115844672,785-2,456 R9,14014,477
Mines, quarries and oil wellsV1151158451,514-3,242-1,420394472
Of which: Oil and gasV115115846973-1,289-1,0209001,332
Of which: Petroleum productsV11511584800000
Of which: Pulp and paperV1151158490014000
Transportation, communication and other utilitiesV115115851-172,4981,951 R7,5625,533
Wholesale and retail tradeV1151158521,9630-3000350
Service and other industriesV115115853-273728-5111,231320
Financial institutionsV11511585413,196-85514,74226,877
Of which: Federal government enterprisesV1151158551,3941,015-1,5421,511
Total stocksV115115856-7,331930225-697
Non-financial institutionsV115115857-7,438 R676 R119 R-769 R-519
Mines, quarries and oil wellsV115115858-6,330 R-1,301 R-202 R-610 R709
Of which: Oil and gasV115115859-6,034 R-799 R-167 R-660-2
ManufacturingV115115860-1,417 R27110188 R-439
Of which: Petroleum productsV11511586100000
Of which: Pulp and paperV115115862-1480000
Transportation, communication and other utilitiesV115115864336 R1,776-247 R-57146
Wholesale and retail tradeV115115865130-1,53900
Service and other industriesV115115866-40-692,006-231-935
Financial institutionsV1151158673150234