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Historical net new issues of securities by corporations and federal government enterprises: Industrial classification (formerly K9)

View or download the historical monthly data, last updated for reference month September 2020. For metadata and background information, see the notes.

Monthly series

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Month-end, Millions of dollars (par value)CANSIM2020‑052020‑062020‑072020‑082020‑09
Total bonds
Non-financial institutionsV11511584414,4774,32162-2514,921
Mines, quarries and oil wellsV1151158454721,803-6593402,207
Of which: Oil and gasV1151158461,332-751871,250896
Of which: Petroleum productsV115115848095000
Of which: Pulp and paperV1151158490000-393
Transportation, communication and other utilitiesV1151158515,5334081,410750200
Wholesale and retail tradeV11511585235050-850-300475
Service and other industriesV115115853320744512-7721,910
Total stocks
Non-financial institutionsV115115857-5321,701817-1,2284,040
Mines, quarries and oil wellsV115115858725265-707-1,803566
Of which: Oil and gasV115115859-233-317-2,333107
Of which: Petroleum productsV11511586100000
Of which: Pulp and paperV11511586200000
Transportation, communication and other utilitiesV11511586413057498338135
Wholesale and retail tradeV1151158650-2000
Service and other industriesV115115866-9396181501361,621


Source: Bank of Canada

Net new issues of securities by corporations and federal government enterprises: Industrial classification (formerly K9) was previously named Net new issues of corporate securities: Industrial classification (K9).

Bond values are shown at par value.

Bonds include issues of Canadian corporations, payable in Canadian and foreign currencies, placed in Canada and abroad. Issues payable in foreign currencies have been converted into Canadian dollars using the average exchange rate for the last business day of the month.

Stocks include common and preferred stocks issued by Canadian corporations in Canada and abroad.

For the years before 1980 several stock issues, generally of less than $1 million, are not classified by industry but are included in the total. For those years, therefore, the components do not add up to the total.

Classification by industry is generally based on the 1980 Standard Industrial Classification published by Statistics Canada.

Most holding companies are classified as financial companies.

Agriculture, fishing, trapping, logging and forestry industries are included in the service and other industry category.