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Historical bond market trading by type of security (formerly F12)

View or download the historical weekly data, last updated at the end of 2017. For metadata and background information, see the notes.

The Bank of Canada no longer publishes this table. As of May 2018, a new version of the data is being published monthly by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) on its website. This change is a result of the discontinuation of weekly statistical reporting via the Market Trade Reporting System.

Weekly series

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Source: Primary distributors of Government of Canada marketable debt, Bank of Canada

This is historical data, submitted to the Bank of Canada until 2017 by the distributors of Government of Canada marketable debt.

A trade is reported on a trade-date basis and calculated as follows: purchases + sales + agency transactions (both sides) to a domestic or foreign client. All “when-issued” trades are included in the amounts reported.

Only domestically issued securities and “global” issues denominated in Canadian dollars are reported. (Global issues are offered simultaneously in several markets worldwide.) Bond turnover excludes all securities with an original term to maturity of one year or less.

Strip bonds are bonds that have been divided into their interest (coupon) and residual principal components. Repos are transactions involving a repurchase or resale agreement. Strip bonds and repo trades are excluded from the overall bond market trading numbers and reported separately in their respective categories.

All trades, including stripped coupons and residual principal components of stripped bonds, are reported at par value.

Allotments of all new bond issues (auctions and syndicate offerings) are not included in bond market trading.

Pre-auction trades includes all when-issued trading between the announcement date of the forthcoming auction in these securities and the auction.

Provincial bonds include Canadian dollar bonds issued by provincial Crown corporations and agencies.

Corporate bonds include financial and non-financial corporate debt securities.

Asset-backed securities include securities backed by mortgages and other financial assets.