Funds advanced and outstanding balances for new and existing lending by chartered banks

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Monthly Series


Month-end, Millions of dollars CANSIM2020‑082020‑092020‑102020‑112020‑12
Funds advanced
Residential mortgages, insured, TotalV12266772413,34813,42113,42311,96410,544
Variable rateV1226677252,1322,0251,8271,5211,378
Fixed rate, <1 yearV122667726663651646571528
Fixed rate, 1 to <3 yearsV122667727894801767624528
Fixed rate, 3 to <5 yearsV1226677281,7401,8621,9552,0702,159
Fixed rate, 5 years and overV1226677297,9208,0828,2297,1795,953
Residential mortgages, uninsured, TotalV12266773032,83436,92039,43937,43037,085
Variable rateV1226677319,7309,87510,3459,71910,096
Fixed rate, <1 yearV1226677321,0861,1051,0971,101934
Fixed rate, 1 to <3 yearsV1226677333,0213,0793,1712,9812,652
Fixed rate, 3 to <5 yearsV1226677345,1886,2777,2287,3468,168
Fixed rate, 5 years and overV12266773513,80916,58417,59816,28315,236
Outstanding balances
Residential mortgages, insured, TotalV122667736451,571450,125452,864451,887448,297
Variable rateV12266773763,63162,74861,67860,74259,940
Fixed rate, <1 yearV1226677385,8715,7085,5835,4585,195
Fixed rate, 1 to <3 yearsV12266773928,39127,48827,29726,08724,821
Fixed rate, 3 to <5 yearsV12266774084,76383,06384,40283,86283,372
Fixed rate, 5 years and overV122667741268,916271,117273,904275,738274,969
Residential mortgages, uninsured, TotalV122667742749,179759,540770,130782,356794,646
Variable rateV122667743155,928159,157162,537166,061170,058
Fixed rate, <1 yearV1226677446,2046,1135,9175,8635,569
Fixed rate, 1 to <3 yearsV12266774573,26371,10068,16166,29564,413
Fixed rate, 3 to <5 yearsV122667746175,949175,527176,304178,197180,806
Fixed rate, 5 years and overV122667747337,834347,643357,211365,940373,800
  1. 1. As of January 2019, insured and uninsured residential mortgages exclude residential mortgages to the corporate sector.[]

Residential variable rate mortgages

Month-end, Millions of dollars CANSIM2020‑082020‑092020‑102020‑112020‑12
Funds advanced
Total variable rate mortgages, TotalV12266774811,94511,89412,23611,33311,561
Closed non-convertible variable rate mortgagesV1226677495,4585,3265,3275,0044,953
Closed convertible variable rate mortgagesV1226677505,4435,5575,9125,3895,802
Open variable rate mortgagesV1226677511,0431,011997940806

Consumer credit

Month-end, Millions of dollars CANSIM2020‑082020‑092020‑102020‑112020‑12
Funds advanced for non-mortgage loans
Consumer credit, TotalV12266775219,82721,67020,63520,13220,241
Personal loan plansV1226677534,4684,4684,0353,6843,286
Of which: Auto loansV1226677543,5443,5943,1622,8292,610
Personal lines of credit, securedV12266775510,78912,18411,93311,84412,259
Personal lines of credit, unsecuredV1226677562,9113,1732,7662,7382,903
Other personalV1226677571,6591,8441,9001,8661,793
Outstanding balances for non-mortgage loans
Consumer credit, TotalV122667758508,562511,235511,327512,106509,883
Personal loan plansV122667759107,457108,213108,397108,387107,907
Of which: Auto loansV12266776092,78393,57193,84193,91693,728
Credit card loansV12266776169,97969,61169,15869,72268,898
Personal lines of credit, securedV122667762261,716263,511264,138264,714264,667
Personal lines of credit, unsecuredV12266776353,33753,60253,14852,71652,251
Other personalV12266776416,07316,29816,48516,56716,161

Credit extended to corporate sector2

Month-end, Millions of dollars CANSIM2020‑082020‑092020‑102020‑112020‑12
Funds advanced
Business loans, TotalV12266776569,16981,94482,46482,61089,626
non-mortgage loans
To regulated non-bank financial institutionsV1226677661,5142,0861,9211,8472,023
Lease receivablesV122667767566630808603792
Loans to individuals and others for business purposesV12266776862,78974,43374,49474,69079,942
mortgage loans
Non-residential mortgagesV1226677691,8042,0492,5882,4293,043
Outstanding balances
Business loans, TotalV122667770530,422531,834530,938532,197535,599
non-mortgage loans
To regulated non-bank financial institutionsV1226677718,0907,9668,4848,2898,345
Lease receivablesV12266777216,74316,79916,83816,82416,804
Loans to individuals and others for business purposesV122667773347,409347,491344,579344,646345,945
mortgage loans
Non-residential mortgagesV12266777483,10583,48083,85984,30684,762
  1. 2. As of January 2019, Total business loans exclude non-residential mortgages to the personal sector.[]


Source: Bank of Canada

The data shown is to provide information on the funds advanced and outstanding balances vis-à-vis new and existing loans, booked in Canada, in Canadian dollars only, to Canadian households and corporate sectors by institutions. Reporting coverage encompasses banks and foreign bank branches.

Information provided on mortgages and consumer credit tables represent credit extended to individuals for non-business purposes. These loans are those used to finance the acquisition of housing, consumer goods and services, including the acquisition of securities.

The funds advanced and outstanding balance section classify amounts across terms based on the term set at loan origination.

Funds advanced represents the cumulative total of new credit extended, new draws on existing credit facilities, mortgage or term-loan renewals and refinancing for a given month.

Outstanding balances are reported as month-end accounting book values, gross of allowances for expected credit losses. Outstanding balances for credit card lending is reported based on the closest billing cycle period.

Data collection on outstanding balances, auto-loans, open and closed variable rate residential mortgages began in July 2016.

For precise definitions of loan categories and general detail, please visit the Report on New and Existing Lending (A4) instructions on the OSFI website.