Chartered banks: Total foreign currency assets and liabilities (formerly C9)

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Monthly Series

Month-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2020‑052020‑062020‑072020‑082020‑09
Call loansV371582,7623,1502,5512,6372,710
Other loansV371591,708,5301,660,6981,610,9831,573,7671,612,273
Deposits with banksV37161373,341333,081300,035295,488274,289
Other assetsV37162514,417455,182372,837173,090464,555
Demand and noticeV530066761,157,3721,157,0761,154,7501,153,7191,177,240
Fixed termV371711,206,5181,216,9461,170,3121,125,7141,117,837
Of which: Deposits of banksV37164138,286140,175132,936132,999134,423
Of which: Other depositsV371652,225,6042,233,8472,192,1262,146,4342,160,654
Other liabilitiesV371661,036,199951,008852,438663,9821,104,536
Net foreign assetsV3716736,09915,5185,761-285-106,665


Source: Bank of Canada, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)

Data cover total foreign currency assets and liabilities of the chartered banks, whether booked in Canada or abroad. The figures include all gold transactions. Published data are available from January 1954.

Users are referred to the notes to the tables in the December 1982 issue of the Review and in earlier issues for a description of the impact on the data of the 1967 Bank Act revisions.

Assets do not include bank premises abroad. Call loans include day, call, and short loans to investment dealers and stockbrokers in foreign currencies. Other assets include gold coin and bullion, foreign notes and coin, and foreign currency items in transit (float). The last item is frequently a net liability.