Chartered banks: Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs)

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Quarterly data typically published 70 days after calendar quarter end.

Quarterly Series

HELOCs outside of combined loan plans

Quarter-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2021Q22021Q32021Q42022Q12022Q2
Authorized amounts
Loan-to-value ratio (LTV ratio)
50% or less1 v1325929546121,590121,930122,458122,180122,598
> 50% to ≤ 65%v132592954712,90211,76010,67410,39310,123
Over 65%v13259295486,1175,2284,2064,1173,978
Drawn amounts
Loan-to-value ratio (LTV ratio)
50% or less1 v132592955040,89140,44340,09039,27138,903
> 50% to ≤ 65%v13259295514,7774,3083,9023,7523,579
Over 65%v13259295522,3241,9541,6151,5411,431

Combined mortgage-HELOC loan plans

Quarter-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2021Q22021Q32021Q42022Q12022Q2
Authorized amounts
Loan-to-value ratio (LTV ratio)
50% or less1 v1325929554383,199447,924459,131495,976560,420
> 50% to ≤ 65%v1325929555281,158296,646301,867304,012308,614
Over 65%v1325929556266,648223,282245,867244,814224,274
Drawn amounts
Loan-to-value ratio (LTV ratio)
50% or less1 v1325929558219,487271,014277,538300,886348,246
> 50% to ≤ 65%v1325929559208,821223,225227,530232,177238,653
Over 65%v1325929560222,560186,133205,224204,245187,099

HELOCs and HELOC components of combined mortgage-HELOC loan plans utilization rates

Quarter-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2021Q22021Q32021Q42022Q12022Q2
Authorized Amounts
Utilization rate (outstanding / authorized)2 
≥ 0% to ≤ 20%v1325929562354,790363,885373,769386,659400,982
> 20% to ≤ 40%v132592956348,14448,93750,08351,12753,259
> 40% to ≤ 60%v132592956439,42440,10040,60641,29642,536
> 60% to ≤ 80%v132592956538,94638,90039,32339,66540,277
> 80% to ≤ 100%v132592956690,52289,26888,71388,37889,841
Drawn amounts
Utilization rate (outstanding / authorized)2 
≥ 0% to ≤ 20%v13259295687,4777,7237,9578,2188,591
> 20% to ≤ 40%v132592956914,17214,36514,71515,00715,613
> 40% to ≤ 60%v132592957019,45719,72819,97020,29020,872
> 60% to ≤ 80%v132592957126,90026,78427,06727,25427,637
> 80% to ≤ 100%v132592957284,26982,76582,17781,66783,001

Residential secured lending

This includes drawn amounts, net of allowance for expected credit losses and various balance sheet adjustments.

Quarter-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2021Q22021Q32021Q42022Q12022Q2
Total real estate secured lendingv13259295731,659,1131,704,1091,741,8041,772,9251,819,557
HELOC (stand alone)v132592957448,08546,96745,81344,46343,825
Mortgage (stand alone)v1325929575898,545913,477921,121925,338934,371
Combined mortgage and HELOC plansv1325929576650,927680,509710,272737,426774,048
Of which: non-amortizingv1325929577104,439104,822106,451108,075112,005
Of which: amortizingv1325929578546,489575,688603,821629,352662,043
Other lending secured by real estatev132592957961,55563,15764,59865,69867,313
HELOC and non-amortizing part of combined plansv1325929580152,524151,789152,264152,537155,830
Mortgage and amortizing part of combined plansv13259295811,445,0341,489,1641,524,9411,554,6901,596,414


Source: Bank of Canada

The data shown provides information on the Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) and related products secured by residential properties in Canada with the exception of business loans. Reporting coverage encompasses selected chartered banks with the largest total assets.

The reporting practices for combined plans vary across financial institutions, and the mortgage component of combined plans may be reported as either a mortgage or a HELOC.

For supplemental information and general details on the source data, please visit the Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) (J2) instructions on the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) website. Please note that the re-advanceable part of a loan has undergone a definition change effective 2021 Q1.

  1. 1. This category includes loans without an available loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. The expectation is that this would only occur in unusual circumstances.[]
  2. 2. The utilization rate for a loan is defined as the drawn amount (outstanding balance) over the authorized amount.[]