Chartered banks: Classification of non-mortgage loans (formerly C7)

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Quarterly series

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Canadian dollar loans

Quarter-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2021Q32021Q42022Q12022Q22022Q3
Loans to Canadian individuals for non-business purposesV37751539,013546,536552,342572,860583,204
To purchase (or carry) securities
Tax-sheltered plansV377601,0228421,262902830
Market stocks and bondsV377595,7256,0286,1516,0265,913
To purchase consumer goods and other personal servicesV37752532,267539,666544,929565,932576,460
Private passenger vehiclesV3775585,54185,19585,12686,24788,039
Mobile homesV377562,7582,7152,7302,8162,990
Renovations of residential propertyV377573,0793,0603,1203,4123,360
Total excluding credit cardsV37754453,319458,028464,857479,760487,059
Credit cardsV3775378,94881,63980,07286,17289,402
Loans to other CanadiansV120573153357,841369,846397,790425,694435,961
Financial institutionsV12057315244,23345,55048,35952,50452,635
Deposit-taking institutionsV377482,9152,2452,6773,6312,842
Investment dealersV377491,1686676077661,034
Non-financial corporations and unincorporated businessesV37769291,019301,957327,212350,957360,385
Private businessesV37772286,405297,200322,276346,119355,383
Fishing and trappingV377851,4381,4391,5731,7561,699
Logging and forestryV377841,1021,1531,0991,1461,158
Mining, quarries, and oil wells
Oil and gasV377823,8414,1354,6754,4404,483
Food, beverage and tobaccoV377754,2474,4045,2335,8405,689
Leather, textile and apparelV37776572560614715863
Metal productsV377774,3004,5074,8214,7364,840
Transportation equipmentV377781,5881,5291,7611,8101,826
Petroleum productsV377794597-631053
Construction / Real estate
Builders and developersV3779321,09522,05023,79927,07827,967
Real estateV3778743,48745,48148,36150,78851,136
Of which: Interim construction lendingV3780313,95013,82114,71816,18915,985
Transportation, communication and other utilitiesV3779227,08027,93231,31235,68238,435
Wholesale tradeV3779117,28718,32420,66120,30120,206
Retail trade
Service industriesV3778861,38062,39868,32674,18078,265
Multi-product conglomeratesV377737537868931,1841,486
Of which: Unincorporated businessesV3779819,55120,56521,52821,99121,368
Government enterprisesV377954,6154,7574,9364,8385,002
Canadian governmentV377674,9404,2703,6373,7324,029
Loans to non-residentsV377667,3565,9586,6367,1976,686
Leasing receivablesV3776516,46516,54216,61516,85417,431
Own acceptances purchasedV3776259,12658,41362,20265,53667,884
Investment dealers subsidiariesV3776111,88613,28114,04918,16616,095
Reverse reposV37763243,270252,855248,140240,396259,051
Total Canadian dollar loansV377461,234,9561,263,4301,297,7731,346,7051,386,313
Of which: Loans made under Government of Canada guaranteed loans schemes
Small business loansV377991,3041,3641,4691,5261,609
Farm improvement loansV37800283299290288306
Canadian student loansV378011,3861,4121,4481,4071,305

Foreign currency loans

Quarter-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2021Q32021Q42022Q12022Q22022Q3
Loans to Canadian individuals for non-business purposesV1205731555,8416,2866,1235,7326,024
To purchase (or carry) securitiesV378324,1684,4794,2143,9334,068
Loans to other CanadiansV12057315689,55491,924103,572109,190131,673
Financial institutionsV3780618,94820,09524,84023,28926,501
Non-financial corporations and unincorporated businessesV12057315470,57771,80778,72885,898105,163
Private businessesV3781370,51271,65378,63985,724105,032
Fishing, trapping, logging, forestryV37818173205212218222
Mining, quarries, and oil wells
Oil and gasV378166,5094,7784,8172,6484,531
Metal productsV378282,7394,4263,8823,8003,975
Transportation equipmentV378293,1882,8363,0613,5944,506
Petroleum productsV378301,4991,0902,9532,5693,083
Construction / Real estate
Builders and developersV378254434798629761,230
Real estateV378206,1044,4146,0127,2848,287
Transportation, communication and other utilitiesV378249,82310,6188,99811,77213,899
Wholesale tradeV378237,4427,7889,04010,36011,842
Retail tradeV378221,1641,2981,7782,1722,435
Service industriesV3782111,96212,15013,33214,66618,372
Multi-product conglomeratesV37814215296322285269
Of which: Unincorporated businessesV378341,2529616601,0621,122
Government enterprisesV378076515489174131
Canadian governmentV378102922439
Loans to non-residentsV37809694,217737,025752,739802,716889,912
Reverse reposV37808618,104702,810644,858676,155703,562
All other loansV3780517,99017,85317,58917,40718,664
Total foreign currency loansV378041,425,7061,555,8981,524,8821,611,2001,749,837


Source: Bank of Canada, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)

Data cover chartered bank non-mortgage loans. The institutional sectors used for these data conform to the Statistics Canada definitions in the financial flow sector accounts. Data in this table are reported gross of allowance for impairment and will therefore differ from non-mortgage loans as presented in Chartered bank assets: Month-end (formerly C3). The detailed loan categories cover only non-mortgage loans to Canadian residents – loans to non-residents are shown separately in the table. Foreign currency loans have been converted into their Canadian dollar equivalents using the closing exchange rate prevailing on the last business day of the quarter.

The Canadian dollar portion of loans to Canadian individuals for non-business purposes generally conforms to the total personal loan series previously reported, except that loans are reported gross of allowance for impairment and also do not include loans to non-residents. Tax-sheltered plans include loans for registered savings plans such as RRSPs and RHOSPs. Marketable stocks and bonds are loans to individuals other than investment dealers and brokers which, when made, were fully secured by marketable stocks and bonds.

Loans to purchase consumer goods and other personal services include loans secured by marketable stocks and bonds that have been identified as being used to purchase consumer goods or services. Private passenger vehicles include all loans so identified whether or not they are secured by the purchased vehicle. Mobile homes include non-mortgage loans for all mobile homes as defined in the National Housing Act.

Credit cards include all outstanding balances under a credit card plan.

Deposit-taking financial institutions include Canadian chartered banks, Quebec savings banks, credit unions and caisses populaires, trust companies and mortgage loan companies. Other financial institutions include insurance companies, pension funds, consumer and business finance companies, investment companies, and public financial institutions.

Non-financial corporations and unincorporated businesses include all corporations, unincorporated businesses and unincorporated branches of foreign corporations operating in Canada (except financial institutions and government enterprises), and are classified using the 1980 Standard Industrial Classification published by Statistics Canada.

Agriculture includes agricultural industries as well as service industries incidental to agriculture, e.g., the veterinary and harvesting industries etc. Energy includes establishments primarily engaged in exploration and/or production of conventional petroleum and natural gas. Builders and developers include those engaged in either residential or non-residential building activities. Land developers are included under other construction. Multi-product conglomerates include those non-financial private corporations in which no one business constitutes more than 50 per cent of the corporation’s total activity. Unincorporated businesses include all businesses that are not incorporated under the law of Canada or a province and that are not unincorporated branches of foreign corporations.

Government enterprises include all Canadian and foreign public corporations in which a government holds at least 50 per cent of the voting stock and any subsidiaries of these companies. It also includes all governmental bodies that carry on a business and have their own borrowing authority.

Loans to institutions include loans to private non-profit institutions and to religious, health and educational institutions.

Loans to governments include loans to all governmental entities that do not carry on a business or do not have their own borrowing authority.

Loans to non-residents are loans to individuals, corporations or other organizations not ordinarily resident in Canada, but do not include lease financing receivables of non- residents or loans to and deposits with non-resident associated corporations, which are reported under leasing receivables.

Loans made under Government of Canada guaranteed loans schemes do not include funds advanced under the Small Business Development Bond or Small Business Bond programs, as these instruments are classified as securities on the books of the chartered banks.

Beginning December 1994, loans by securities subsidiaries exclude reverse repurchase agreements.

Beginning December 1994, loans to non-residents exclude reverse repurchase agreements.