Chartered bank selected liabilities: Monthly average (formerly C2)

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Starting with the release of October 2020 data, calculations will be changed to month-end, from monthly average, due to the termination of the Monthly Average Return of Assets and Liabilities (L4). Note: Some series from this table will be terminated.

Typically published 50 days after reference month end.

Monthly Series

Monthly average, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2020‑052020‑062020‑072020‑082020‑09
Canadian dollar deposits
Personal deposits
Non-chequable (notice)
Fixed term
Non-Personal deposits
Fixed termV36830385,392385,197378,787373,535368,012
Total deposits held by general public (including private sector float)V415527732,260,3712,299,8602,316,1132,341,9672,360,738
Government of Canada depositsV368113,8173,9564,3894,1093,859
Total deposits (gross)V368082,264,1882,303,8162,320,5022,346,0762,364,597
Bankers' acceptances outstandingV3685693,23790,05286,49183,09783,002
Subordinated debt payable in Canadian dollarsV3687136,05635,48236,54737,17037,307
Foreign currency business with Canadian residents
Chartered bank holdings of securitiesV3684651,49854,27354,69852,59252,410
Of which: Reverse reposV3687812,83813,66013,15010,99310,801
Deposits of banksV368751,5901,5331,6222,6084,282


Source: Bank of Canada

From November 1981, data in Chartered bank selected assets: Monthly average (formerly C1) and Chartered bank selected liabilities: Monthly average (formerly C2) include all wholly and majority owned subsidiaries of the chartered banks, and accrued interest is not included in the various asset and liability items but rather is included in other assets and other liabilities. Prior to this date, the data consolidated only foreign wholly owned banking subsidiaries, and accrued interest was included on an item-by-item basis. Data for the monthly average series are available from August 1953.

Estimated net private sector float consists of cheques and other items relating to private sector deposits that have not been cleared, which create an element of double counting in the Canadian dollar deposit liabilities of the chartered banks. Prior to December 1985, the figures for total float shown in Chartered bank selected liabilities: Monthly average (formerly C2) were estimated by the Bank of Canada based on weekly data for total Canadian dollar major liabilities and total major assets and on the most recent month-end data for the net balance of other liability and asset items. Beginning in December 1985, total float has been reported directly by the chartered banks. Both the estimated total float data and that reported directly are adjusted to exclude float relating to Government of Canada and Bank of Canada transactions.

Bankers’ acceptances outstanding. When a bank purchases its own acceptances for investment purposes, these purchases are included in general loans and are netted from the amount of bankers’ acceptances outstanding on both the asset and liability side of the balance sheet. Purchases of acceptances of other regulated institutions are included in Canadian dollar deposits with other regulated financial institutions in Chartered bank assets: Month-end (formerly C3).