Chartered bank liabilities and shareholders’ equity: Month-end (formerly C4)

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Monthly Series

Month-end, Millions of dollarsCANSIM2020‑032020‑042020‑052020‑062020‑07
Canadian dollar liabilities
Personal deposits
Demand and notice
Of which: tax-shelteredV53006716107,210107,764107,454107,240107,984
Fixed term
Of which: tax-shelteredV53006717117,640112,164112,586112,932112,641
Non-personal deposits
Demand and noticeV53006719656,670686,330695,792726,094743,472
Fixed termV53006720357,048385,890383,841380,302371,090
Federal and provincial depositsV5300672228,08532,15536,99036,63535,181
Total deposits1 V369392,156,6112,253,9572,286,1722,319,3542,337,295
Advances from Bank of CanadaV369657,665447355356384
Bankers' acceptancesV3697186,94599,30188,01285,39885,437
Liabilities of subsidiaries other than depositsV36972667612585662454
Other liabilitiesV36956370,818703,909965,211962,9941,065,690
Subordinated debtV3696832,77236,01536,07436,09437,107
Canadian dollar shareholders' equity
Capital stock
Contributed surplusV369621,9211,8111,7861,7841,782
Retained earningsV36964225,175225,903225,950225,960228,002
Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss)V4159837220,03330,01630,02230,08823,988
Non-controlling interest in subsidiaries (IFRS)V538433722,9512,9022,9042,5422,476
Total Canadian dollar liabilities and shareholders' equity1 V369383,030,0193,479,2923,761,6723,791,3753,911,292
Total foreign currency liabilities and shareholders' equityV369374,071,7043,667,5323,400,0883,325,0293,177,500
Total liabilities and shareholders' equity1 V369367,101,7237,146,8247,161,7617,116,4057,088,792


Source: Bank of Canada, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)

Chartered bank liabilities and shareholders’ equity: Month-end (formerly C4) was previously named Chartered bank liabilities — Month-end series (C4)..

Data in Chartered bank assets: Month-end (formerly C3) and Chartered bank liabilities and shareholders’ equity: Month-end (formerly C4) summarize total chartered bank assets and liabilities at month-end from November 1981 onward. These data are, for the most part, a continuation of month-end assets and liabilities based on the consolidated monthly balance sheet return, Schedule J of the 1980 Bank Act and Schedule M of the 1967 Bank Act. The earlier month-end data are available in the December 1982 Review and in previous issues. In addition to the format changes, the data in Chartered bank assets: Month-end (formerly C3) and Chartered bank liabilities and shareholders’ equity: Month-end (formerly C4) differ from earlier data because of changes in the level of consolidation and other accounting practices. From November 1981, data include all wholly and majority owned subsidiaries of the chartered banks, and accrued interest is not included in the various asset and liability items but rather is included in other assets and other liabilities. Prior to this date, the data consolidated only foreign wholly owned banking subsidiaries, and accrued interest was included in the related asset or liability item. Equity accounting is used to take account of a bank’s investment in companies in which it holds at least 20 per cent and not more than 50 per cent of the companies’ voting shares. The data in Chartered bank assets: Month-end (formerly C3) and Chartered bank liabilities and shareholders’ equity: Month-end (formerly C4) differ from data prior to November 1981 in the following ways: (i) all debt securities are valued at amortized value, (ii) interim profits are transferred to retained earnings quarterly rather than at the end of each fiscal year, and (iii) letters of credit and guarantees are no longer included as balance sheet items. All these changes are described in more detail in the article “The new chartered bank statistical reporting system,” published in the November 1981 issue of the Review.

Since November 1996, Other Canadian dollar assets and Other liabilities include, on a gross basis on both sides of the balance sheet, the unrealized gains and losses on marked-to-market bank derivatives positions (unless they meet certain criteria). These had previously been reported on a net basis on one side of the balance sheet. Beginning in November 2006 due to the fair value accounting standards the unrealized gains and losses will be reported in Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income.

Bankers’ acceptances are acceptances issued by a bank and not purchased by that same bank. If a bank purchases its own acceptances, these acceptances are included in business loans and are netted from the amount of bankers’ acceptances outstanding on both the asset and liability side of the balance sheet.

Liabilities of subsidiaries other than deposits include liabilities of subsidiaries other than those included in deposit liabilities, such as debentures.

Non-controlling interest in subsidiaries represents the amounts arising from the preparation of the balance sheet on a consolidated basis.

  1. 1. Owing to the absence of some detail in foreign currency positions for 2009 which are used to derive the Canadian dollars positions, components do not add up to the total.[]