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Bank of Canada note liabilities (formerly K1)

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Year-end data typically published on the fourth Friday of February.

Annual series

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As at 31 December, Thousands of dollars20182019202020212022
Notes issued by
Bank of Canada
$ 1151,026150,230149,637149,291148,994
$ 2207,257206,072205,126203,794203,251
$ 51,428,6491,469,6241,513,1051,682,7191,744,894
$ 101,632,8281,665,6361,727,0281,691,0231,728,179
$ 2019,570,18718,770,52720,916,48721,094,45521,038,393
$ 254646464646
$ 5016,405,57317,456,48520,783,96220,857,79621,344,444
$ 10050,111,64552,730,80161,013,87468,931,68572,991,329
$ 5002020202020
$ 1,000673,027632,019602,779530,861513,282
Total Bank of Canada90,180,25793,081,460106,912,064115,141,690119,712,833
Chartered banks8,1208,1208,1208,1208,120
Dominion of Canada4,6354,6354,6354,6354,635
Defunct banks8888888888
Total Bank of Canada Note Liabilities90,193,12593,094,328106,924,932115,154,558119,725,701


Source: Bank of Canada

Total Bank of Canada note liabilities include notes issued by chartered banks, Dominion of Canada, provinces and defunct banks. These are note issues that are in the process of being retired, and liability for them has been taken over by the Bank of Canada from the original issuers.