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Operational Details for Government Purchases of Canada Mortgage Bonds

In the 2023 Fall Economic Statement, the Canadian government announced its intention to purchase Canada Mortgage Bonds (CMBs), beginning in 2024, up to an annual maximum of $30 billion while ensuring that the pace and volume of these purchases are appropriate for market conditions. 

The government will begin its purchases of CMBs at the expected February 2024 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) CMB syndication.

The government will participate in all fixed-rate CMB syndications proposed for 2024. All purchases would be for fixed-rate 5-year and 10-year CMBs, would be done in the primary market at syndication pursuant to orders placed with the lead underwriters, and these orders would be completely filled.

  • The government will not purchase floating-rate CMBs.
  • The Bank of Canada (the Bank), in its role as the Government of Canada’s fiscal agent, will make these purchases on the government’s behalf and be responsible for managing the government’s new CMB portfolio.

For the 2024 calendar year, the Government of Canada will target a total purchase amount of 50% of fixed-rate CMB primary issuances. Further details on the government’s participation at CMB issuances will be made as a part of the regular communication process for CMB syndications.

  • The Department of Finance, with the support of the Bank and CMHC, will monitor market conditions and address concerns where possible. Market participants are encouraged to communicate with the Department of Finance, the Bank of Canada and CMHC via regular channels regarding any concerns.

A new webpage will be created on the Bank of Canada’s website. This webpage will provide market participants with information on upcoming government purchases of CMBs, the results of recent CMB purchases on behalf of the Government of Canada, and information on the government’s holdings of CMBs. Any unexpected deviations from previously announced purchase plans would be communicated in a market notice.

There is also an intent to create a repurchase agreement (repo) or secured lending program for the government’s CMB portfolio, to support market well-functioning. More details on this facility will be forthcoming at a later date.

For further information, please contact:

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

Funds Management Division
Department of Finance Canada