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Call for tenders for secondary market purchases of Real Return Bonds (May 27)

As previously announced, the Bank of Canada (the Bank) launched a program to purchase Government of Canada securities in the secondary market: the Government of Canada Bond Purchase Program (GBPP).

The Bank will be buying on May 27, in a reverse auction format, up to $700 million notional of Real Return Bonds (RRBs) in the secondary market.

Auction Date
Offering Deadline
Maximum Total Purchase


The Bank will purchase up to $100 million notional per line of the following securities:

Settlement Maturity Coupon Rate ISIN
2020.05.29 2021.01.12 4.250 CA135087UL60
2020.05.29 2026.01.12 4.250 CA135087VS05
2020.05.29 2031.01.12 4.000 CA135087WV25
2020.05.29 2036.01.12 3.000 CA135087XQ21
2020.05.29 2041.01.12 2.000 CA135087YK42
2020.05.29 2044.01.12 1.500 CA135087ZH04
2020.05.29 2047.01.12 1.250 CA135087B949

The secondary market purchases conducted by the Bank should settle with the Bank (CUID: BOCB) and not the Government of Canada. These purchases are subject to the GBPP terms and conditions.

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

Financial Markets Department
Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada