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Financial Intermediation and Regulation

Session 1

Distorted Advice in Financial Markets: Evidence from the Mortgage Market (with Luigi Guiso, Leonardo Gambacorta, Paolo Mistrulli and Anton Tsoy)

Andrea Pozzi, EIEF

Discussant: Mark Egan, Minnesota

Search and Screening in Credit Markets: Evidence from the US Mortgage Market (with Sumit Agrawal, John Grigsby, Ali Hortaçsu, Amit Seru and Vincent Yao)

Gregor Matvos, Chicago

Discussant: Juan Esteban Carranza, Banco de la Republica de Colombia

Session 2

Will the Market Fix the Market? A Theory of Stock Exchange Competition and Innovation (with Eric Budish and John Shim)

Robin Lee, Harvard

Discussant: Terry Hendershott, Berkeley

Bank Capital Buffers in a Dynamic Model (with Jochen Mankart and Spyros Pagratis)

Alexander Michaelides, Imperial College London

Discussant: Dean Corbae, Wisconsin

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