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Bank of Canada publishes results of consultation on bank note design principles

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The Bank of Canada today published a summary of the comments it received in an online consultation on the principles guiding the design of the country’s bank notes.

The consultation, which took place from 8 October to 10 November, offered Canadians an unprecedented opportunity to participate in the design of future bank note series by sharing their views on the Bank’s Principles for Bank Note Design. The summary of comments, which was prepared by Pollara Strategic Insights, is available on the Bank’s website.

Of the nearly 2,000 Canadians who participated, about 80 per cent said they support the principles the Bank put forward. There was considerable interest in how bank notes reflect Canada and many respondents said greater emphasis should be put on representing gender equality, multiculturalism and aboriginal culture. Others said bank notes should show iconic Canadian activities and achievements, landscapes and famous Canadians.

The Bank wishes to thank all those who contributed their ideas. The Bank will carefully consider the results of this consultation when it begins work on future series of bank notes.

The Bank is committed to including input from Canadians at every stage of the bank note design process. It recently invited Canadians to propose ideas until 8 January for a commemorative bank note marking the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

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Principles for Bank Note Design

Principles to guide the design of Canadian bank notes and serve as the foundation upon which visual content of notes is developed in the future.