As part of events related to its 75th anniversary, the Bank of Canada hosted the 17th annual meetings of Gouverneurs des banques centrales des pays francophones in Montréal from 12 to 14 May 2010. In addition to hosting G-7 and G-20 meetings this year, this forum of central bankers is another example of the spirit of co-operation and collaboration that Canada brings to the international community.

An initiative organized by the Banque de France in 1994, the meetings of Gouverneurs des banques centrales des pays francophones are held annually in one of the member countries of l'Organisation internationale de la francophonie. This group is composed of 38 central banks representing 54 sovereign countries (the CBWAS and BCAS represent 14 sub-Saharan African nations). 1

During these meetings, the governors discuss issues of common interest to their institutions. This year, the governors’ discussions focused on the theme of Policy Challenges and the Reform Agenda following the Crisis.

The discussions explored individual countries’ experiences with crisis-induced stimulus measures, exit strategies, the role of central banks with respect to system-wide stability, central bank independence, the future of the international monetary system, and recent economic developments in the global economy.

The 18th annual meetings will take place in Cambodia in 2011.