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Bank of Canada Announces Updated Substitution Schedule for Outstanding Bank of Canada Term PRA Operations

In accordance with today's policy rate announcement, no further Term PRA operations are scheduled. The last operation was conducted on 12 April 2010.

An updated substitution schedule for outstanding Term PRA operations is published below. Further details on the Bank of Canada Term PRA facility are available in the Terms and Conditions for the Term PRA Facility.

Substitution Schedule

Notice Date 1 Substitution Date
21 April 2010 23 April 2010
5 May 2010 7 May 2010
19 May 2010 21 May 2010
2 June 2010 4 June 2010
16 June 2010 18 June 2010
7 July 2010 9 July 2010

The Bank of Canada continues to closely monitor market developments and remains committed to providing liquidity, as required, to support the stability of the Canadian financial system and the functioning of financial markets.

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  1. 1. The notice to substitute must be submitted to the Bank of Canada by noon, at the latest, on the notice date.[]