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Bank of Canada announces the appointment of Mark E. Caplan as Senior Representative and Director of its Toronto Office (Financial Markets)

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The Bank of Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark E. Caplan as Senior Representative and Director, Toronto Office (Financial Markets), effective September 2008. Mr. Caplan will replace Ross MacKinnon, who is retiring.

Mr. Caplan will contribute to the Bank's objectives of conducting monetary policy to achieve low, stable, and predictable inflation, and promoting well-functioning financial markets. He will be responsible for building on the Bank's strong relationship with the Toronto financial community. He will also contribute to the Bank's analysis on the evolution of financial markets, institutions, products, and regulations. Mr. Caplan will be a member of the Bank's Monetary Policy Review and Financial System Review Committees.

As a senior capital markets executive with 20 years of experience in Canada, the United States, and Europe – most recently as Executive Managing Director and Co-Head, Financial Products Group, BMO Financial – Mr. Caplan brings to the Bank his extensive knowledge and expertise, valuable insight into complex financial market developments, and a broad network of well-established, senior market contacts.

The Bank of Canada, Canada's central bank, is committed to promoting the economic well-being of Canadians. The Bank's responsibilities focus on the goals of keeping inflation low, stable and predictable, supplying safe and secure bank notes, promoting financial stability, and providing efficient funds management.

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