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New initiative to involve Canadian high school students in the fight against bank note counterfeiting crimes

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The Bank of Canada, the Durham District School Board, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Sûreté du Québec are joining forces to promote the new Counterfeit Detection module, a free ready-to-teach kit available to high schools across the country. Their common goal is to raise awareness among Canadian high school students about the detrimental impact of bank note counterfeiting and to involve them in the fight against this harmful criminal activity.

This initiative has been well received by the Canadian education community. "The Durham District School Board is pleased to partner with the Bank of Canada and all levels of law enforcement to offer students an important and effective learning opportunity on the issue of counterfeit bank notes," said Craig Burch, Director of Education at the Durham District School Board, where the program was developed and where the counterfeit detection and prevention unit was first taught in Canada. "Education professionals are strongly encouraged to contact the Bank of Canada to get more information about this effective program that has drawn an enthusiastic response by both students and educators."

Many high school students currently work or will pursue a career in the retail sector, where most counterfeit bank notes are passed. Reaching them is a great way to encourage counterfeit prevention.

"The new Counterfeit Detection teaching kit will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to authenticate bank notes and help prevent financial losses for themselves or their employers," said Pierre Duguay, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada. "These skills will be valued by potential employers and will actively contribute to reducing counterfeiting rates in Canada."

For more information on the Counterfeit Detection kit, or to order a sample, please contact the Bank of Canada at 1-888-513-8212. For more information on Canadian bank notes and their security features, please visit

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