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The Bank of Canada Releases Its Annual Report for 2006

The Bank of Canada's Annual Report for 2006 was tabled in the House of Commons today.

Copies of the Report will be available at 12:00 (ET):

  • on the Bank's website
  • in the lobbies of the East and West Towers of the Bank's head office in Ottawa
  • at the Parliamentary Press Gallery (Room 350-N, Centre Block, and Room 607, Wellington Building)
  • at the Bank's regional offices in Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver
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January 30, 2007

Annual Report 2006

The year 2006 marked a turning point for the Bank of Canada. We successfully completed our medium-term plan, The Way Forward, and began writing a fresh chapter in the Bank’s history based on a new three-year plan. In this annual report, we do more than give an accounting of past achievements. We also provide forward-looking information on the plans and priorities in our new medium-term plan. And as we advance, we are always mindful of the Bank’s original mandate, set out more than 70 years ago, to “promote the economic and financial welfare of Canada.”

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