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Bank of Canada releases 2003 schedule of dates for policy interest rate announcements

The Bank of Canada today released its 2003 schedule of eight dates for announcing decisions on its key policy interest rate and, at the same time, confirmed the announcement dates for the remainder of this year.

The schedule of announcement dates from September 2002 through December 2003 is:

Wednesday 4 September 2002
Wednesday 16 October 2002
Tuesday 3 December 2002

Tuesday 21 January 2003
Tuesday 4 March 2003
Tuesday 15 April 2003
Tuesday 3 June 2003
Tuesday 15 July 2003
Wednesday 3 September 2003
Wednesday 15 October 2003
Tuesday 2 December 2003

All announcements will continue to be made at 9 a.m. (ET).

"The Bank's fixed schedule for announcing policy interest rate decisions continues to make an important contribution to the effectiveness of Canadian monetary policy and its communication," said Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge. "As a result, we have witnessed an improvement in the debate and discussion around monetary policy issues in Canada."

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