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Money, Monetary Policy, and Transmission Mechanisms

Kevin Clinton and Walter Engert

Opening Remarks
Jack Selody

Session 1: Measuring Money

Measuring Transactions Money in a World of Financial Innovation

Jean-Pierre Aubry and Loretta Nott

Discussion: Angela Redish

Discussion: William Robson

General Discussion

Broad Money: A Guide for Monetary Policy

Kim McPhail

Discussion: Alain Paquet

Discussion: Tony S. Wirjanto

General Discussion

Monetary Aggregates and Monetary Policy

Apostolos Serletis and Terence E. Molik

Discussion: Joseph Atta-Mensah

Discussion: Seamus Hogan

General Discussion

Session 2: Policy Applications

The M1 Vector-Error-Correction Model: Some Extensions and Applications

Charleen Adam and Scott Hendry

Discussion: Stefan Gerlach

Discussion:Shamik Dhar

General Discussion

Swiss Monetary Policy under a Flexible Exchange Rate Regime: Monetary Targets in Practice

Michel Peytrignet

Discussion: Chantal Dupasquier

Discussion: Daniel Racette

General Discussion

Measuring the Stance of Monetary Policy

Ben S.C. Fung and Mingwei Yuan

Discussion: Frank Smets

Discussion: Sharon Kozicki

General Discussion

Session 3: Theory

Financial Intermediation, Beliefs, and the Transmission Mechanism

Robert Amano, Scott Hendry, and Guang-Jia Zhang

Discussion: Paul Gomme

Discussion: Sylvain Leduc

General Discussion

Credit Crunch, Bank Lending, and Monetary Policy: A Model of Financial Intermediation with Heterogeneous Projects

Mingwei Yuan and Christian Zimmermann

Discussion: Emanuela Cardia

Discussion: Shouyong Shi

The Expectations Trap Hypothesis

Lawrence J. Christiano and Christopher Gust

Discussion: Tiff Macklem

Discussion: David Andolfatto

General Discussion

Session 4: Panel Discussion

Discussion 1: Charles Freedman

Discussion 2: Marvin Goodfriend

Discussion 3: David Laidler

General Discussion

The Participants

List of participants

Bank topic index: Economic Models, Financial Institutions, Monetary aggregates, Monetary Policy and Uncertainty, Monetary Policy Framework, Transmission of Monetary Policy

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