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Bank of Canada Announces Appointment of Senior Regional Representatives

The Bank of Canada today announced the appointment of senior representatives who will staff its five regional offices across Canada. The appointments follow up on the Bank's decision to enhance its regional presence through increased economic monitoring and liaison, as well as through a broader public communications role for regional offices.

"These new and expanded representative offices are designed to improve the contacts between the Bank and Canadians from all regions of the country," said Bank of Canada Governor Gordon Thiessen in a speech today to the Metropolitan Halifax Chamber of Commerce. On the economic role of the offices, Mr. Thiessen added: "The Bank has always kept in touch with the regions and followed closely all the available regional economic data. What we are seeking to improve is our ability to interpret these data. That requires enhanced contacts with businesses, governments, associations, and economic analysts in each region."

In co-operation with private sector partners, regional offices will also oversee and monitor ongoing responsibilities for delivering bank note, bond, and banking services.

In order to carry out these responsibilities, each office will have a Senior Economics Representative and a Senior Operations Representative. Appointed as senior representatives are:

Economics Region Operations
Paul Fenton Atlantic provinces Bob Dolomont
Louis-Robert Lafleur Quebec Lorraine Laviolette
Brigid Brady Ontario To be appointed
Hung-Hay Lau Prairies and Northwest Territories Harry Hooper
Mike Stockfish British Columbia and Yukon Bill Watson


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